The Texas Hat

The Hat is a somewhat mythical object being passed around and around among Texas ASL Club members. The current Hat Owner has won the most recent Hat game, thereby claiming the right to don the proverbial Hat.

Jay Harms has had the longest streak, with 16 Hat wins. Zeb Doyle has worn the Hat twice, though both times were less than a full day. Rob Burton has won the Hat three times, but has never been able to hang on to the dang thing. There have been 19 Hat wearers. Roy was the original Hat guy. See the chart to answer "Why?".

Owner Date Won Scenario Opponent Side Played
John Garlic  2017-06-22  The Awakening of Spring (G33)  Jay Harms  Germ 
Jay Harms  2017-06-22  Adolf's Amateurs (BoF5)  Bill Dorre  Germ 
Jay Harms  2017-06-22  Obian Highway (BFP95)  Nathan Wegener  Russ 
Jay Harms  2017-06-22  Elephants Unleashed (J118)  Jim Ferrell  Germ 
Jay Harms  2017-06-22  Hart Attack (167)  John Hyler  Germ 
Jay Harms  2014-06-22  Rage Against the Machine  Matt Shostak  Germ 
Jay Harms  2014-06-21  All Down the Line  David Reinking  Brit 
Jay Harms  2014-06-21  The Head of the Mace  Eric Gerstenberg  Germ 
Jay Harms  2014-06-21  It's Hardly Fair  David Hailey  Germ 
David Hailey  2014-05-02  Point to Make  Rick Reinesch  Germ 
Rick Reinesch  2014-03-01  A Bloody Harvest  Bryan Register  Poli 
Bryan Register  2014-02-01  Village of the Damned  Matt Schwoebel  Russ 
Mike Denson  2012-06-23  Avril Action  Dan Preston  Germ 
Mike Denson  2012-06-23  Hetzer Hunters  Scott Bell  Amer 
Scott Bell  2012-06-22  Shklov's Labors Lost  Doyle Motes  Germ 
Scott Bell  2012-06-22  Sword of Damocles  Jeff Taylor  Germ 
Scott Bell  2012-06-02  Let's Dance  Brian Roundhill  Brit 
Brian Roundhill  2012-03-04  Final Embrace  Scott Bell  Germ* 
Brian Roundhill  2012-02-05  Batty-P  Matt Schwoebel  Germ 
Matt Schwoebel  2012-01-14  Surabaya Slugfest  Eric Gerstenberg  Brit 
Matt Schwoebel  2011-10-08  Mai Phu  Eric Gerstenberg  Fren 
Matt Schwoebel  2011-09-10  Fighting With The Devil  Sam Tyson  Jap 
Matt Schwoebel  2011-07-09  Grant vs. Stuart  Jeff Toreki  Jap 
Jeff Toreki  2010-06-27  The Damned Die Hard  Bill Dorre  Russ 
Jeff Toreki  2010-05-01  Nishne, Nyet!  Zeb Doyle  Russ 
Jeff Toreki  2009-09-05  Across the Aisne and Into Freineux  David Hailey  Germ 
Jeff Toreki  2009-06-25  Broken Bamboo  David Hailey  Brit 
Jeff Toreki  2009-06-25  Lingevres - Aftermath  Will DeMorris  Brit 
Jeff Toreki  2009-06-25  Second Crack at Caumont  Chris Kubick  Amer 
Jeff Toreki  2008-06-20  Siberian Shockwave  John Hyler  Russ 
Jeff Toreki  2008-02-08  Vulcan's Forge  Roy Casagranda  Russ 
Jeff Toreki  2007-06-23  Road Kill  Chris Buehler  Germ 
Jeff Toreki  2007-06-23  Vatutin's Right Hook  Sam Tyson  Russ 
Jeff Toreki  2007-04-07  Winter Storm  Zeb Doyle  Ital 
Zeb Doyle  2007-04-07  Clearing Kamienka  Bryan Register  Russ 
Bryan Register  2007-02-16  Jungle Rats  Zeb Doyle  Jap 
Bryan Register  2007-01-06  Prelude to Dying  Gary Krockover  Axis 
Bryan Register  2006-12-26  Kerepesi Cemetery  Matt Shostak  Russ 
Matt Shostak  2006-12-23  Transylvania 6-5000  Eric Gerstenberg  Hung* 
Matt Shostak  2006-11-24  Eye of the Tiger  Mike Ingalls  Germ 
Matt Shostak  2006-11-18  Lenin's Sons  Dan Preston  Russ 
Matt Shostak  2006-11-04  Frankforce  Doyle Motes  Germans 
Matt Shostak  2006-07-16  German Rescue  Scott Bell  Axis 
Matt Shostak  2006-07-04  German Rescue  Scott Bell  Axis 
Matt Shostak  2006-06-24  Will to Fight...Eradicated  Jeff Toreki  Poli 
Matt Shostak  2006-06-24  Bring up the Guns  Walter Eardley  Germ 
Matt Shostak  2006-06-23  Amateurs at War  Bryan Register  Russ 
Matt Shostak  2006-05-29  Expelling the Guards  Rick Reinesch  Germ 
Matt Shostak  2006-05-27  Huns Of Steel  Brian Roundhill  Axis 
Matt Shostak  2006-04-01  Expelling the Guards  Jack O'Quin  Russian 
Jack O'Quin  2006-03-06  A Nice Morning For A Ride  Sam Tyson  British 
Jack O'Quin  2005-06-25  Guns of Naro  Sam Tyson  Italians 
Sam Tyson  2005-06-24  Olboeter's Escape  Randy Shurtz  Polish 
Sam Tyson  2005-06-23  On to Florence  Chris Buehler  Allies 
Sam Tyson  2005-03-05  The Cocnut Plantation  Bryan Register  Australians 
Sam Tyson  2005-02-05  Cattern's Position  Tom Gillis  Japanese 
Sam Tyson  2005-02-05  Battlin' Buckeyes  Victor Behar  Japanese 
Sam Tyson  2005-02-05  Escape to Wiltz  Carl Kusch  Germans 
Sam Tyson  2005-02-04  Cold Crocodiles  Stephane Graciet  British 
Stephane Graciet  2005-01-15  Ils tiraient sur Odessa... (They Fired on Odessa)  Tom Gillis  Romanians 
Stephane Graciet  2004-12-19  Inhumaine  Tom Gillis  Americans 
Stephane Graciet  2004-11-10  Pavlov's House  Tom Gillis  Russians 
Stephane Graciet  2004-10-18  Hamlet's Demise  Jay Harms  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-10-07  Today We Attack  Tom Gillis  Chinese 
Jay Harms  2004-09-09  The Puma Prowls  Walter Eardley  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-09-09  The Puma Prowls  Walter Eardley  Russians 
Jay Harms  2004-08-28  The Bridge at Cheneux  Doyle Motes  Americans 
Jay Harms  2004-07-23  Bread Factory #2  Walter Eardley  Russians 
Jay Harms  2004-07-17  Big Cats at Bay  Rob Burton  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-06-27  Broich Bash (IC5 repub.)  Eric Gerstenberg  Americans 
Jay Harms  2004-06-26  Urban Guerillas  Randy Shurtz  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-06-25  Les petits du renard (The Fox's Children)  Matt Shostak  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-06-24  Hervorst Hell  Mike Seningen  British 
Jay Harms  2004-05-22  Block Busting in Bokruisk  Victor Behar  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-04-17  The Rock  Bill Dorre  Americans 
Jay Harms  2004-04-10  Himmler's House  Walter Eardley  Russians 
Jay Harms  2004-03-13  The Lawless Roads  Tom Gillis  British 
Jay Harms  2004-02-07  In front of the Storm  Doyle Motes  Germans 
Jay Harms  2004-02-06  Scouts Out  Ken Havlinek  Germans 
Ken Havlinek  2003-11-15  First Matanikau  Rob Burton  Americans 
Rob Burton  2003-11-14  The Hawk  Zeb Doyle  Americans 
Zeb Doyle  2003-11-14  Rikusentai  Rob Burton  Americans 
Rob Burton  2003-11-08  Terminus Sened  Tom Gillis  Axis 
Tom Gillis  2003-10-04  Il etait une petite colonne... (Once There Was a Little Column)  Rob Burton  Americans 
Rob Burton  2003-08-16  The Bitche Salient  Tom Gillis  Germans 
Tom Gillis  2003-08-09  Men From Mars  Roy Casagranda  Allies 
Roy Casagranda  2003-08-09  Chesty's Turn  Rob Burton  Japanese 
Roy Casagranda  2003-08-01  (initially awarded to Roy because he's so cool)